Used stamp holders
(bought without identification)
Variable dimensions   … / 2015

(…). Dalila Gonçalves installations and objects can bee seen as examples of what Aristotle understood about the notion of time as something intrinsic to the universe. The objects that inhabit it, and intrinsic memories, have an existing circular motion in the way they have a beginning and an end, in accordance with a circle.

Dalila Gonçalves understands and interprets this definition of time in two main conditions: a tool-based condition and metaphorical condition. As a tool, time exists in the practice of the physical building of all art objects that require, in themselves, the time of production, observation, of reality with an inevitable end due to the ephemeral characteristics of the materials, and the eventual perennial existence in memory by documentation or any other form of collective memory. As a metaphor, time exists in the theoretical reflection of the materialisation or dematerialisation of an artistic action that refers to human actions and natural features of contemporary society. Memory is possibly the only way to transform the ephemeral into anything close to the eternal.

The set of old colourful stamps holders that form Backgrounds (2015), freezes he moment when these stamps stopped being used. They therefore integrate a descontextualisation of themselves as a memory of set of moments we did not witness, and as a utility that was left in the past.

Luísa Santos in Anozero’15 – texts and essays, p. 32