Cumes (Alps)

Pierced photographs and light.

Photographs with 15x20cm. 2013

Cumes (Alps) is a work about the process, about what defines and characterises the photograph’s technique: the creation of images with and from light.

These photographs were printed in a common printing location with the paper they normally use. They are white, they measure 10x15cm and, on the back (as it happens with this type of printing), one can see the brand of the paper, the name and the format in which the photographs were saved (in this case, one can read: untitled1.jpg, untitled2.jpg, and so on).

I placed the photographs in water to be able to separate part of the several layers which are part of the photographic paper. From this one can see, in the several photos, different holes with different depths and transparencies. Finally, these images are placed in small and thin shelves of light.

It is about a literal approach to the definition of photography: to the light that draws them, to the different openings that shape them and make them into what they are.

The Photography is, simultaneously, a support and an instrument able to create images and object. It is by an apparent literal reduction to the singularity of the photographic technique that this project expands itself to fields that are close to sculpture, installation and drawing.