Kneaded Memory – (memória amassada)

Triennal Beaufort04, 2012

Public Art – Porto city, 2015

“Kneaded Memory”, Beaufort04, Belgium, 2012 / Public ART, Porto Cit, Portugal, 2015
Hand painted ceramic tiles moulded on cement volumes.
Variable Dimensions.

“In the installation “Kneaded Memory,” that now occupies Blankenbergue Square, the Portuguese visual artist Dalila Gonçalves presents a series of objects that resemble rocks and wreckage-shaped forms with different shapes and sizes.  Part of the surfaces of these forms is covered with ceramic tiles (azulejos), which were molded to sit perfectly on the irregular and round surfaces of these forms. . It is through the conjugation of shape, ceramic tiles and cement that the artist sought to cross the local Belgium narrative (the patterns for the tiles came from Blankenbergue) and the Portuguese traditional artisanal relation with the process of making the ceramic tile (azulejo). Flanders is historically recognized for the quality of its ceramics and tile work. Since the XVII century, the region had a tremendous influence in Portuguese ceramic work, from which pattern-design andtechniques were imported, greatly enriching the tile making process that has become a main feature of numerous Portuguese monuments. In the past century, there has been an increasing degradation, destruction and exclusion of the decorative element in architectural use. Along with the exclusion of traditional decorative elements, the past century has also seen an increase in the usage of cement and concrete on the façades of most public and private buildings.‘Kneaded Memory’ looks into this particular relation between past and present, between memory, remembrance and oblivion.