Linhas de Passagem (Contact Traces)

* “Time is made visible, and it moves as the landscape moves”
Sandpaper used in furniture manufacture factories.
Variable dimensions.


*Paul Theroux –  The Old Patagonian Express: By Train Through the Americas

The title of this work brings the formal aspect of sandpapers closer to a quote of the travel book by Paul Theroux. The author (traveller), looking through the window of the train and seeing the trails of the landscapes in movement, states: ‘Time is made visible, and it moves as the landscape moves’.
We can also, eventually, see landscapes on these sandpapers. However, they are mainly papers of markings, of movement: markings of the passage, markings of stories, markings of production, markings of matter. We sense the objects they have built and have polished; through the different shades, we sense different types of wood, different lines of passage, different grains of sandpaper (densities of sandpaper, that differentiate them in their original colour, blue and black, in these cases).
Basically, these worn out sandpapers, at ‘the end of the line’ (no longer useful for the carpentries) are kind of contact papers in which different stories have been imprinted, from different productions. We can’t see the objects they helped build, we perceive them and such a perception through the matter, through the scent to the past walks side by side with the abstract and pictorial character of the piece of work. There are those two worlds in these pieces, the one of the presence of what it was and the one of the enigmatic of what it is.