Worn out circular sandpapers collected from furniture factories in Portugal. 
Variable dimensions.

(…) Time itself is powerful metaphorical construction at its origins are unconnected to the idea of shape, in the way it affirms itselfs as an allegory for how we understand the world. It is from that setup of time as an understanding of the world that Rastos (2015), by Dalila Gonçalves, is born. A set of used, tound sandpapers is presented (…) in stacks of different heights on the floor. This installation contronts us with two readings: sometimes we see a set of round sandpaper, sometimes we see cut wooden logs, in a joint opposition between artificiality and nature, desconstruction and construction in a cicular and dialectic motion, which is at the centre of Dalila Gonçalves’s work.

Luísa Santos in Anozero’15 – texts and essays, p. 32